"Have to thank Riki and his Hard Boiled team for consistently making me a stronger healthier person. The warm up alone would keep me coming back. Hard Boiled is the perfect Holistic full body training i had always been looking for. Built on the foundation of classic workout techniques, but filtered through a function over form mentality - the workouts make me stronger, happier, and more comfortable in my body. Spending time working on active movement and flexibility as much as cardio and strength really balances the day to day and makes me feel abel to do ore of the things i love. Its great to push your limits but also be reminded to pay attention to what we need over what we want; Riki and his team are always there to keep us on track towards better over all body function!" - Noah Shelly

"When I first became a client at Hard Boiled a year ago I was impressed by the quality of each class. Last January I committed to Riki's 30-day challenge and he kept the workouts varied and dynamic every day. I followed the program to a T and saw AMAZING changes in my body after 30 days! This is fitness designed to last a lifetime." - Sarah Boatright

"I spend a lot of time working my brain, totally disconnected from/neglecting my body. In the most positive way, Hard Boiled reminds me that I am in fact an animal and not a robot. My muscles are crying, my spine is singing. If you go, you will understand. Riki is a gem, so skilled at what he does. Looking forward to more." - Colleen Doherty

"Easily the most exciting, unique, effective, and addictive physical experience. It's not a "workout" but rather an expression of movement and endurance and resistance and body actualuzation I've never had anything else unlock within me. Riki is a kind and persistent motivator with the best kind of energy and intention to keep you feeling amazing in and out of his dojo." - Rich Awn

"A real life-changer is this place, and a positivity-blast amidst the anxiety that living in the city can present. I've had the distinct pleasure and privilege of working closely with Riki -- and through him, Steve Maxwell -- and not only has it expanded my knowledge and understanding of the human body and physical culture, but it has forced me and allowed me to transcend my often-depressive nature and proclivities toward megalomania and bad habits. I'm a musician who tours often; thanks to Hard Boiled, not only do I look cooler on stage now, but I can obtain a solid workout in a footprint as small and constrictive as a hotel-room floor. I can't recommend Hard Boiled NYC enough. Get to it!" Jim McHugh

"I've been coming to HB for about a year and have seen a big difference in terms of both strength and mobility. Equally important, I've met a great community of people. Riki brings real commitment and positive energy - in and outside of the studio."

"I don't like gyms, but I love this place. So mellow, so fun, and so easy to make a habit. Plus, Riki will play Katy Perry during warm-up if you ask nicely." -Peter Macia

"Riki is running a dynamic program at Hard Boiled. Each class you'll be challenged physically and mentally. You'll make improvements and learn something new every time you show up. Best of all, you'll have fun and make friends. Keep it up HB!" - Ty McDonald

"It's awesome. For people who like to work out love good music and don't like gyms." Dan Martensen"


From ClassPassers:

"I can't say enough about how good this is. I can push myself to the limit without worrying about injuring myself. Safe. Positive. Best work out in NYC! :)"

"Best studio on ClassPass. Riki is a great trainer! Fun class great workout will be back for more."

"This class is an entire experience: the setting, the music, the instructor, the workout. It's a delight!"

"Always perfect. The best work out I've found in NYC.

"Love this class and Riki is awesome! Some of the other clients were no shows so it ended up being a one on one session. Which is great because this was my first time here. Seriously hard workout but left with an upbeat attitude to start my day. The beautiful space is a bonus."

"Sarah was very welcoming and positive from the start. Great attention to form and modifications if necessary. Overall a challenging but rewarding class! (And loved the playlist btw). Thank you!"

"What an awesome, different, kick butt workout. Can't wait for the next time. Unlike anything I have ever done!!"

"Fun and challenging workout! Left feeling energized and relaxed :)"

"Great combo of dynamic stretching and movement combined with a more intense 10 min. high intensity / Crossfit like WOD that varies each class .Boutique setting with personal attention!"

"This was my first time and I can't say enough good things. The energy is positive and the space is beautiful. A unique and hard workout."

"Interesting blend of mobility work, strength circuit and cardio. Relatively technical so not great for beginners. Beautiful space!"

"Da best"

"My favorite class"

"This is my favorite class on class pass. Go!"

"Exercise with meaning! Thanks!"

"Best music and workout eva!"

"Great atmosphere, fun instructor, a holistic workout, good music and a super cool space. Highly recommended!"

"Love it! So hard but so good!"

"Amazing work out!!"

"This class is an entire experience: the setting, the music, the instructor, the workout. It's a delight!"

"If you are thinking about it, just do it! It's so good."