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Are you or someone you know ready to embark on a journey of positive behavioral change, as it relates to exercise and diet, and all of the other facets that are influenced by!?

Welcome to the 30 DAY CHALLENGE!

The 30 DAY CHALLENGE is designed to help people jumpstart their exercise and diet regimen. It may seem extreme at first, but in actuality, it is a very sustainable lifestyle that has a trickle up effect of positivity. 

The primary guarantees:

  • You will lose fat 
  • You will build lean muscle
  • You will get stronger
  • You will improve your cardiovascular health
  • You will improve your endurance
  • You will become mentally stronger 
  • You will have a positive journey in self improvement

What is it!?

It is a "weekend warrior" format, where you follow the rules 5 days a week, and do whatever the f%# you want on your weekend (days off). 

  • 5 Classes a week (2 cancellations allowed throughout the entire challenge)
  • No Refined Sugar
  • No Alchohol 
  • No "Bad Starches" ie: Pasta, Bread, Baked Goods, White Rice, White/Gold Potatoes
  • Minimal Fruit - two small servings per day

If you cancel more than the allowed number (2 sessions), you forfeit the challenge. There are NO REFUNDS, due to forfeit.

Once signed up you will be provided with a little cheat sheet with some tips on the dietary front, that can of course be discussed in greater detail if necessary.