Functional Movement Mobility and Strength & Conditioning Incorporating Body Weight, Kettlebells, Bulgarian Sandbags and Medicine Balls ETC

Weekdays:   Monday - Friday   7:00am.   8:00am.   9:00am.        

Weekends:   Saturday   9:00am.


We offer personal, private and remote training with nutritional and lifestyle options. This can encompass anything and everything from rehabilitation and sport specific training to weight management or mobility progression. Rates vary depending on the individual needs of the client. Please connect with us via hardboilednyc@gmail.com to get a conversation going about how we can best serve you.

Movement As Medicine: 

A mood-enhancing, physical workshop of a primitive nature with rotating sound and meditation practitioners sometimes present for cool down sessions.

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INTroduction to Hard Boiled 

Designed for those new to Hard Boiled, who are curious about our vibe and program. In this one and a half hour class you will experience the space, meet the staff, and learn the fundamentals. Then you will put this knowledge to use in a 30 minute shred session.

PLEASE CONTACT US OF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BOOK AN INTRO (or have additional questions). We can accommodate up to 8 people.


We train in barefoot. Towels and water provided. Bringing your own water bottle is encouraged.